Climate News

ON 09/06/2023 AT 09:05 AM

Even though the first tropical storm to cross into Southern California in 84 years caused widespread damage, most climatologists say it “dodged a bullet”. Next time, which might be a lot sooner, it might not be so lucky.

ON 08/20/2023 AT 11:19 PM

Research teams from Iowa State University and Wichita State University in Kansas are teaming up to develop a system that captures waste nitrogen and carbon dioxide to produce a green fertilizer that reduces emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

ON 08/18/2023 AT 12:40 AM

July 2023 was the hottest month on record, with cities like Phoenix experiencing record-breaking heat waves for weeks on end. A new study finds that ongoing extreme heat can worsen cognitive decline among vulnerable groups—particularly Black older adults and those living in poor neighborhoods.

ON 09/06/2023 AT 09:01 AM

As expected, NASA satellite data shows the Antarctica sea ice coverage for the month of July was the smallest measured since continuous satellite monitoring began 45 years ago.

ON 09/06/2023 AT 09:00 AM

A state judge awarded a major victory yesterday to a youth plaintiff group which sued Montana on charges it had violated their rights, by denying climate crisis considerations in state decision-making.

ON 08/26/2023 AT 01:01 PM

Temperatures in South America, especially in Chile and Argentina, are reaching alarmingly high levels never before experienced in the southern winter.

ON 08/26/2023 AT 12:20 PM

In the face of a “historically unprecedented” lack of rainfall in Panama, the governing agency that operates the Panama Canal has just issued the toughest restrictions yet on maximum vessel depths and the overall number of ships allowed to pass through the canal daily.

ON 08/26/2023 AT 12:44 PM

Climate-related disasters such as extreme heat and wildfires are now projected to turn these important carbon-absorbing sinks into net carbon emitters by 2070, but the reality is that it already has.

ON 07/17/2023 AT 12:45 AM

Scientists hoping to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry have developed a way to grow building materials using knitted molds and the root network of fungi.

ON 08/26/2023 AT 12:01 PM

While the State of Florida itself may be hot, it is the temperatures in the waters surrounding it which are worrying hurricane forecasters this year.

ON 08/26/2023 AT 11:59 AM

A new research report suggests climate models have badly underestimated the potential impact of multiple mass crop failures on the planet and as driven from the highest levels in the atmosphere, as global heating accelerates.

ON 07/04/2023 AT 11:51 PM

El Niño conditions have developed in the tropical Pacific for the first time in seven years, setting the stage for a likely surge in global temperatures and disruptive weather and climate patterns.

ON 08/16/2023 AT 11:21 AM

A new company backed by one of the largest solar module manufacturers in India will soon be setting up the first of several U.S.-based solar panel manufacturing plants.

ON 06/15/2023 AT 11:31 AM

Despite humanity's best, but still feeble, efforts, CO2 levels continue to climb rapidly.

ON 06/07/2023 AT 10:06 PM

Deadly coral disease is spreading as global temperatures warm, and it’s likely to become endemic to reefs the world over by the next century, according to new research.

ON 06/05/2023 AT 02:11 AM

As summer temperatures rise and water scarcity becomes a pressing concern, researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have developed an innovative solution to increase the availability of clean drinking water. They have created a unique thermal desalination system that can operate using solar energy.

ON 05/31/2023 AT 06:03 AM

The World Meteorological Organization will elevate the cryosphere to one of its top priorities, given the increasing impacts of diminishing sea ice, melting glaciers, ice sheets, permafrost and snow on sea level rise, water-related hazards and water security, economies and ecosystems.

ON 05/30/2023 AT 11:14 PM

More than any other region, children in the East Asia and Pacific region are having to survive multiple, often overlapping climate and environmental hazards and shocks, according to the latest UNICEF regional report ‘Over the Tipping Point’. The report highlights the urgent need to invest in climate-smart social services and policies to protect children.  

ON 05/30/2023 AT 04:57 AM

Planet Labs PBC, a provider of daily data and insights about Earth, recently announced its partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Space Agency, to build a regional satellite data-driven loss and damage atlas for climate change resilience.

ON 05/23/2023 AT 10:56 PM

New research shows that the 1987 global treaty, designed to protect the ozone layer, has postponed the occurrence of the first ice-free Arctic by as much as 15 years.

ON 05/22/2023 AT 06:13 AM

Global temperatures are likely to surge to record levels in the next five years, fueled by heat-trapping greenhouse gases and a naturally occurring El Niño event, according to a new update issued by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). 

ON 05/21/2023 AT 11:59 PM

Human-caused climate change made April’s record-breaking humid heatwave in Bangladesh, India, Laos and Thailand at least 30 times more likely, according to rapid attribution analysis by an international team of leading climate scientists as part of the World Weather Attribution group. The study also concludes that the high vulnerability in the region, which is one of the world’s heatwave hotpots, amplified the impacts.

ON 06/07/2023 AT 05:11 PM

The natural water reservoirs which support all life and much of human endeavors on Earth are being drained quicker than any previous predictions. Climate change and abusive water management are to blame.

ON 05/22/2023 AT 04:44 AM

If there was any doubt that the administration of former President Jair Bolsonaro was behind the most devastating destruction and slaughter of Amazon rainforest in history, new figures revealed since President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took office show the rate of deforestation has already plummeted.

ON 05/22/2023 AT 10:07 AM

A new study suggests there may be a built-in mechanism within the atmosphere that scientists could tap into to trigger faster elimination of harmful particulate and greenhouse gas emissions.

ON 05/22/2023 AT 10:06 AM

A weather station in Vietnam’s Hoi Xuan station recorded an indoor temperature of 44.1° C (111.38° F) on May 6, as the hottest ever recorded for that date. Summer will be hotter than ever as El Niño kicks in and the spectre of mass extinction looms larger.

ON 05/05/2023 AT 04:46 PM

Nine European politicians just signed a declaration to accelerate the development of the North Sea region as the “Green Power Plant” of the future. Good luck with that.

ON 05/02/2023 AT 04:52 PM

A new scientific paper revealed that global warming caused by the climate crisis have has caused losses of 7,560 billion tons of polar ice between 1992 and 2020.

ON 05/01/2023 AT 09:51 AM

A new study concludes that the many environmental poisons which exist within urban centers quickly move well beyond them and into natural ecosystems.

ON 04/20/2023 AT 12:15 AM

As climate change causes ocean temperatures to rise, one of Greenland's previously most stable glaciers is now retreating at an unprecedented rate, according to a new study.

ON 04/19/2023 AT 11:14 PM

Deadly heatwaves fuelled by climate change in 2022 made almost 90 percent of Indians more vulnerable to public health issues, food shortages and increased risks of death, a new study from researchers at the University of Cambridge reported in PLOS Climate.

ON 04/14/2023 AT 12:16 AM

Research shows that by the end of the century the biggest rain and snow days will be 20% to 30% wetter than they are today.

ON 04/11/2023 AT 10:26 PM

Sea levels along the U.S. Southeast and Gulf coasts have been rapidly accelerating, reaching record-breaking rates over the past 12 years, according to a new study led by scientists at Tulane University.

ON 04/09/2023 AT 11:11 PM

Human activities emit many kinds of pollutants into the air, and without a molecule called hydroxide (OH), many of these pollutants would keep aggregating in the atmosphere. How OH itself forms in the atmosphere was viewed as a complete story, but in new research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report that a strong electric field that exists at the surface between airborne water droplets and the surrounding air can create OH by a previously unknown mechanism.

ON 04/05/2023 AT 12:25 AM

New research in the field of plant sciences has made significant advances towards understanding the underlying reasons behind why certain crops are better at generating more yield than others.   

ON 04/04/2023 AT 12:03 AM

The breathtaking colors of reef-building corals come from photosynthetic algae that live inside the corals. A groundbreaking three-year study has found that viruses may increase their attacks on these symbiotic algae during marine heat waves.

ON 03/27/2023 AT 11:46 PM

According to a new study, once we emit about 1000 gigatons of carbon, much of the massive ice sheet will melt irreversibly. We’ve emitted 500 gigatons so far.

ON 04/04/2023 AT 02:20 PM

On March 6, 2023, Arctic Sea Ice levels reached what appear to be their maximum extent for the 2022-2023 winter season. That maximum extent is unfortunately well below average and the fifth lowest in history.

ON 03/26/2023 AT 10:27 PM

Continued warming of the climate would see a rise in the number and spread of potentially fatal infections caused by bacteria found along parts of the coast of the United States.

ON 03/22/2023 AT 07:58 PM

190 million children in 10 African countries are at the highest risk from a convergence of three water-related threats – inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); related diseases; and climate hazards – according to a new UNICEF analysis.

ON 03/21/2023 AT 12:03 AM

The United Nations Secretary General set strong conditions for joining a global climate ambition summit in September, including ceasing all licensing and funding of new oil and gas development and halting expansion of existing oil and gas reserves. This price of entry puts the United States at risk of being shut out of the meeting. 

ON 03/20/2023 AT 12:09 AM

A new scientific study by researchers from the University of Liège (Belgium) shows that rivers in the Andean mountains contribute 35% and 72% of riverine emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and methane (CH4 ) in the Amazon basin, the world's largest river. This study is published in the journal Communications Earth & Environment.

ON 03/16/2023 AT 11:52 PM

A new study is providing an unprecedented examination of oxygen loss on coral reefs around the globe under ocean warming. Led by researchers at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a large team of national and international colleagues, the study captures the current state of hypoxia—or low oxygen levels—at 32 different sites, and reveals that hypoxia is already pervasive on many reefs.

ON 03/13/2023 AT 04:42 PM

Observations measured last week showed sea ice surrounding Antarctica at its lowest levels in the 44 years since such measurements began.

ON 03/07/2023 AT 08:25 AM

While the accumulated rain and snow of the last several weeks in California provided short-term respite from the regional drought, there was one victim which will take a long time to recover for the damage the storms brought with them.

ON 03/06/2023 AT 11:16 PM

Rutgers-led research finds biomineral structures formed by marine algae foment viral infection, contributing positively to capture CO2.

ON 03/23/2023 AT 09:34 AM

Despite everything we as humans may be doing to catapult the ecosystems of the world toward extinction, a new report on an amazing array of fish species first classified in 2022 shows precisely how fiercely the will to survive and evolve still lives on.

ON 02/27/2023 AT 11:28 PM

Getting hit with one hurricane is bad enough, but new research from Princeton University’s engineering school shows that back-to-back versions may become common for many areas in coming decades.

ON 01/17/2023 AT 06:40 PM

New research finds that ice-sheet-wide collapse in West Antarctica isn’t inevitable: the pace of ice loss varies according to regional differences in atmosphere and ocean circulation.

ON 01/25/2023 AT 08:21 AM

The European Union’s Copernicus climate monitoring service reported that last summer in Europe was the hottest in history. Predictions say this year is going to be far worse.